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Shooting gallery against politicians, La7 journalist attacked

In Tarquinia, Sara Giudice, reporter for the show “In Onda”, had her microphone snatched during a live feed. “They threatened me, I denounce them”

The journalist Sara Giudice of the television network LA7 and the operators of her crew, on the evening of August 13, 2015, were first threatened and then attacked and forced to terminate a connection with the studios in Rome of the show “In Onda” broadcast live from an exhibition in Tarquinia (in the province of Viterbo). The attackers are the managers of a stand of shooting gallery in a public exhibition. That evening they proposed as targets the faces of famous political personalities.

The first connection with the studios in Rome revealed a strong tension that then exploded during the next connection. The staff of the shooting gallery obscured the eye of the camera with their hands and tore the microphone away from the reporter’s hands, seizing it. The connection was interrupted and the studio in Rome called for the intervention of the police. Sara Giudice said that after the interruption of the connection and until the police arrived she received explicit threats which she will press charges for.

“They told me ‘if you make a complaint will follow you home’ – the journalist told the daily Il Fatto Quotidiano – and I have every intention to press charges. They bumped me and jostled me, but it wasn’t so much for hands on me that scared me, even as we speak they continue to threaten me. They took away a microphone. Its a robbery and I denounce them.”

Watch the video and read the full story on Il Fatto Quotidiano


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