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Talks about wastes and thefts at failed public company. Threatened

The journalist Arturo Di Corinto informed the judiciary of the warnings received for some articles on the public company Promuovitalia

The journalist Arturo Di Corinto informed the public prosecutor in Rome of some threatening behavior against him adopted after the publication of some articles critical of the management of Promuovitalia spa, the public company, created by the Ministry of Culture for the promotion of the touristic image of the country and of youth entrepreneurship. The company has recently failed, leaving a hole of € 17 million in debt. The facts date back to 2014, but Di Corinto made them known only in 2015.

Among other things, Di Corinto reported that on 12 July 2015, in Rome, from the company’s headquarters some computers assigned to employees in charge of accounting and expense management were stolen. The theft, Di Corinto explained, seems as if someone ordered it. The story was reported on August 14, 2015 from www.zeusnews.it.


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