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Terzigno (Naples). Reporter attacked at heliport used for Casamonica funeral

“I’ll kill you”, one of the attackers shouted to Alessio Viscardi, video reporter of the web news site Fanpage.it, and the M5S activist who accompanied him

A reporter from the website Fanpage.it, Alessio Viscardi, was threatened with death and attacked on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 while he was recording a news report in Terzigno, a town 40 kilometers south of Naples, from whose heliport the helicopter used to throw rose petals at the funeral in Rome of the boss Vittorio Casamonica departed. The news was announced by the same Fanpage.it, with a statement. The journalist, after taking pictures of the empty heliport from which the single engine R-22 helicopter left, was looking for the owners of the landing strip to ask why the Casamonicas came to a heliport 200 km away from Rome and why the pilot – to whom the ENAC suspended the license – has deviated from the flight plan to reach the area where they celebrated the funeral.

While waiting, however, four people arrived by car and attacked him. The images, posted on the web, are moved because of the scuffle. At one point, the camera turns off. From the audio it is possible to hear someone say, “I’ll kill you right here, you have to put down the camera, I’ll land you”, threats – the statement said – aimed at the journalist. (ANSA).

The MPs of the Five Stars Movement that are part of the Anti-Mafia Commission issued a statement in which they express solidarity with Alessio Viscardi and declare that along with Viscardi also an activist of the Movement who accompanied him was attacked. In their view, there are “too many unknowns” that must be clarified. “The attack on the journalist of Fanpage.it and on our activist – the statement of the Five Stars Movement concludes – makes it clear what kind of management the heliport has: we ask to immediately activate the police and the judiciary. We express full solidarity and we would like to have the highest possible attention on the safety of the journalist involved and on our activist who accompanied him.”


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