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Varese. City Council complaint against Michele Serra prescribed

In 2009, in an article he had joked on the proposal to place the city among the World Heritage sites
It has been archived, due to lateness of the terms, the libel suit that the City Council of Varese had brought against the journalist Michele Serra for an article published in 2009 in the column Preventive Satire of the weekly “L’Espresso”. The news was given by daily newspaper La Prealpina.
In the article entitled “In Malpensa the League thinks about it”, commenting on the statement by the Northern League councilor Walter Garlusio, who sought UNESCO to recognize the status of World Heritage Site for Varese, Serra wrote: “Officials of Unesco, visiting Varese, said they were willing to give, at best, the status of wad of humanity.”
The mayor, Attilio Fontana, had defined Michele Serra’s comment “an ignorant satire far from laughter because it offends, with the ideological hatred, an entire community.”


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