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Venice. Large ships. Adriano Celentano sued by the Tar

The singer had defined “miserable” the decision to suspend the limits to navigation in the Giudecca Canal. The comment by Ossigeno

The TAR of Veneto has sued the singer Adriano Celentano, who, with an article-tirade published on 20 March 2014 on “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, in order to defend Venice from its “enemies”, especially from the danger inherent in the transit of large cruise ships in the Giudecca Canal, had accused the Regional Administrative Court of having “destroyed Venice”, and revealing to be “wretched”, “the most ferocious enemy” of the lagoon city. Celetano was referring to the order made three days before by the TAR of Veneto which had suspended the limits imposed by the Harbour Captaincy on the movement of large cruise ships (see). The judgment of the singer was deemed offensive by the judge of the TAR Roberto Vitanza who, after 17 months, sued for libel Adriano Celentano. The news was given by newspapers on August 10, 2015. (See “La Nuova Venezia” of 10 August 2015).

According to the judge Vitanza “it is not true that there is a decree that banned the transit of ships, but the decree to which reference was made was only a hypothesis subject to prior identification of alternative ways for berthing of ships in Venice.”

Instead, “in the article, Celentano attributes to the TAR of Veneto direct responsibility for failing to prevent sea routes to large ships.” A ban that could not be imposed. Celentano therefore would have “manipulated and altered the news and represented in the public opinion the exercise, by the administrative judge, of a distorted and non-existent power that has allowed the passage of large ships.”

THE ARTICLE – In his article, listing what he considers the many “enemies of Venice”, including the Venetians themselves, Adriano Celentano wrote: “But the fiercest enemy is the TAR of Veneto. That in so dull and an unscrupulous manner ruled against the many opponents of the Venetian havoc. The giant vessels not only, according to the MISERABLE TAR, must continue to parade in front of the Ducal Palace, but in spite of environmentalists has also erased the decree prohibiting the passage in the Lagoon of ships that exceeded 40 thousand tons. Unfortunately the MISERABLE must have decided that the more ships are heavy, the better it is for Venice and the great calamity established by those who are trying to kill her.”

Subsequently, on November 26, 2014, the TAR of Veneto decided on the issue with a ruling that reinstated the big ships, canceling the ‘Ordinance of the Harbour Captaincy of Venice (n. 153/2013, pursuant to art. 3 of inter-ministerial decree no. 79/2012) which had limited the transit through the Giudecca canal passenger to ships of gross tonnage exceeding 40,000 tons.

COMMENT – Ossigeno considers this an example of the climate of intolerance that fuels the easy libel lawsuits filed by the judge of the Administrative Court of Veneto against Adriano Celentano. Unfortunately this climate has been established for some time in Italy and restricts freedom of expression and the right of citizens to be informed and to know even the most critical opinions. In democratic societies, the judgment of the courts must be respected, as all public acts, but may be criticized by the public, also with colorful expressions. The opinions that are not shared should be refuted by other opinions and the information deemed inaccurate or incomplete should be corrected with fair play, resorting to the adjustment, and leaving the judges the task of intervening only in cases where there is obvious bad faith.


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