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A legal desk at Ossigeno for journalists and bloggers

Free legal assistance on the basis of an agreement with MLDI – Media Legal Defence Initiative – the NGO in London that helps reporters from around the world to defend their rights

With a historic agreement between Media Legal Defence Initiative (M.L.D.I.) and Ossigeno per l’Informazione Onlus, the “Legal Desk at Ossigeno” has been realized, coordinated by attorneys Andrea Di Pietro and Valerio Vartolo.

M.L.D.I. is a non-governmental organization based in London and helps journalists, bloggers and independent reporters around the world to defend their rights.

The fundamental support by M.L.D.I. allows for the Desk at Ossigeno to provide free legal assistance to journalists who are encumbered by legal proceedings (civil and / or criminal) or who intend to pursue legal actions to protect the right to freely exercise the journalistic profession, especially freelancers and in those cases where there is no publisher.

The total coverage of legal fees by the Legal Desk at Ossigeno will be provided upon approval by the M.L.D.I. which will exercise the right to act within the discretionary criteria geared to the identification of cases considered strategic by gravity and media coverage.

The journalists to whom the publisher does not provide legal aid, the bloggers, the part-time reporters and contractors that are paid just a few euros, may find support in the Legal Desk at Ossigeno.

Those unable to get free assistance and coverage of attorney fees under the agreement Ossigeno-M.L.D.I., according to the spirit of solidarity of the initiative, will have from Ossigeno’s legals, experts on the law of information, advice and legal assistance at special rates tied to the DM n. 55 of 10.03.2014. All those who qualify will enjoy the benefit of legal expenses paid by the State.

The activity of mandatory mediation, when included, will see the Desk apply the rates proportionate to the claim and to the DM 180/2010 as amended by D.M. 145/2011.


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