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Defamation. Pistoia judge gives reason to Chief Editor Lineefuture

To the archives the lawsuit for having reported rumors of possible arrest order for the sports club president. The magistrate: countenance respected

On 17 September 2015 the Judge for the Preliminary Investigations of the Court of Pistoia has sent to the archives a defamation lawsuit against Edoardo Bianchini, chief editor of LineeFuture. Bianchini was sued in July 2014 by Luca Fontana, president of Sports club Legno Rosso of Pistoia for an article that reported rumors about a possible arrest warrant against him. An arrest that never took place. The judge ruled that the information was reported correctly.

“In Pistoia we have a big problem: we do not feel protected as we should – commented Edoardo Bianchini, interviewed by Ossigeno -. Judges should defend Article 21 of the Constitution better, since it protects freedom of the press. Instead too often these are assigned to the side of those who consider themselves offended, without the necessary preliminary investigations, referring judgment without reading the documents with due care.”


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