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Erri De Luca. “Sabotage the Tav”. District attorney calls for 8 months

The writer is accused of incitement of crime. His legal counsel objects: there were no crimes after his words

The trial against the writer Erri De Luca will resume on October 19, 2015 in Turin, where he stands accused of incitement of crime for some interviews released in September 2013, in which, by criticizing the construction of the high speed railway line Turin-Lyon, he declared that “the TAV must be sabotaged”. On September 21, the public prosecutor Antonio Rinaudo has asked the Court of Turin to sentence him to eight months in prison. “With the strength of his words – the representative of the prosecution said – has definitely incited to commit crimes.” The defenders of the writer defined the accusations as false, since no offenses resulted from those words.

“This is a trial of words and a process against words, because it is obvious – the lawyer Gianluca Vitale said – that there no crimes occurred. There were walks to the yard before and after De Luca spoke. And the episode considered to be the most serious is from May 2013, well before the interviews. Finally, there is no evidence that anyone perceived as inciting the words of my client and a fact is that many people have not considered those words as an exhortation”. For all these reasons, according to the lawyer, “there is no crime, or rather it is an impossible crime. Italy is facing a test with this trial.”

“The prosecution – the lawyer Vitale said – is not interested in pursuing all crimes, but De Luca, his normal freedom of expression. To say that the TAV line needs to be sabotaged is part of it, as my bad luck explains. And when we talk of sabotage it means to implement it with any method, not necessarily with a violent method.”


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