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Former Councillor found guilty of libel for lawsuit against Gazzetta di Vercelli

Lawsuit filed, the journalist Umberto Lorini counterclaims the then head of urban planning at Saluggia, on whom he had reported a conflict of interests

On April 20, 2015, the Court of Vercelli condemned in the first degree the architect Antonello Ravetto for slander against the journalist Umberto Lorini, publisher and editor of The Journal of Vercelli. In 2010, in some articles, Lorini had reported a conflict of interests tied to the architect Ravetto, who at the time was councillor for the planning department of the City of Saluggia. In response Ravetto sued Lorini for libel. The judge had filed the lawsuit and Lorini had decided to counter sue the plaintiff for libel.

Lorini had written that Ravetto was working or had worked as a designer and / or consultant for companies and individuals operating in the territory of Saluggia: a conflict of interests prohibited by law, given the post of commissioner.


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