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Gigi D’Alessio attacked 2 photographers. Da: redo the trial. The judge for the preliminary hearing will decide

He has already been sentenced in the first degree for injury and wrongful exercise of his case, but prosecution says he has to answer to more serious charges: injury and robbery

On November 5, 2015, the judge for the preliminary hearings in Rome, Flavia Costantini, will decide on the request for a new trial for the singer Gigi D’Alessio, for whom the prosecutor has presented more serious charges (robbery and injury against two photographers) than those for which he has already been convicted in the first degree. The request to repeat the trial in the first degree was advanced by the prosecution that has reformulated the charges. It was reported by the ANSA news agency.

THE STORY – The facts date back to 11 January 2007 when the famous Neapolitan singer and his collaborator, Antonio De Maria, attacked and tore the cameras from the hands of two “paparazzi”. The photojournalists were posted outside the house of the singer in the Roman district of Olgiata and were injured during the scuffle. For them it was necessary to seek medical treatment in the emergency room.

For this story, D’Alessio has already been sentenced in the first degree to nine months for injuries and wrongful exercise of his reasons. On appeal, the judges asked the prosecutor to reformulate the offense. Namely, to keep firm on charges of injury, to withdraw the charges of improper exercise of his reasons and to add the crime of robbery. Indeed, the Rome prosecutor has acted according to the instructions of the Court of Appeals and asked the retrial of the artist for the crimes, as said, of injury and robbery. As mentioned, on this request the Judge for the preliminary hearing will decide on November 5th.


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