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Latina. Messaggero reporter threatened of death

For an article of judicial reporting. “You saw what happened in France?”, a man told him four days after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo

The journalist Vittorio Bongiorno, senior editor of the editorial staff of Latina for the newspaper Il Messaggero was threatened with death on 11 January 2015 by the entrepreneur Gianluca Tuma, who was arrested on October 12, 2015 as a result of the 24 arrests made by the Flying Squad of Latina within the judicial investigation known as “Don’t Touch”. The fact was made known only after the arrest of the entrepreneur. The Press Association of Rome and journalists from Latina have expressed solidarity and are planning a show of support.

Buongiorno reported that he had spoken of suspects that investigators had on the man in an article published on April 9, 2014. Then, on that day, nine months after, at the end of the Mass in the church of San Marco di Latina, Tuma approached him and said: “you saw what happened in France to those who use the pen improperly?”. The reporter noted that the tone was threatening and it was a clear reference to the massacre of the designers of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. 

“The same day I filed a complaint to the Police in Latina – Buongiorno told Ossigeno – and I was asked to not disclose the deed, so as not to compromise the investigation.”


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