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Lawsuit filed, chief editor of Voce Canavese knows it after 2 years

He had been denounced by a Regional Councillor for criticism on the closure of a hospital ward in Chivasso (Turin province)

On 25 February 2013, the Court of Biella has filed a libel suit against Liborio La Mattina, editor of the weekly La Voce Canavese. La Mattina had been sued in 2011 by Gianna Pentenero, the then Regional Councillor of Piedmont, today regional minister for Labour, Education and Professional Training, in relation to the article “De Mori and Pentenero: God makes them and…”, which spoke of the closure of the department of hemodynamic in the Hospital of Chivasso (in the province of Turin). The news was made public only now, after two years, when the editor became aware of the practice being sent to the archives.

In the article, La Mattina criticized the attitude of the then Regional Councillor on the story and the way it had been decided to close the department of Chivasso after a meeting between the Assembly of Mayors and the Special ASL Commissioner.


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