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Mafia. Ostia. “Libera” association files lawsuit against daily “Il Tempo” and Cinque Stelle Movement

For allegations of involvement in illegal activities. The M5S belies the accusatory document. The newspaper: we have acted in good faith

The Libera Association led by Don Luigi Ciotti, committed to denouncing the mafia and lawlessness, announced at a press conference that it will present a libel suit against members of the 5 Stars Movement of Ostia (Rome) and the journalists of the newspaper Il Tempo for false contents of an article published on September 24, 2015 with the title “The silences of Libera on Tassone”. The political movement that was indicated as the source of the allegations against the representatives of Libera, has denied to have had this role. The newspaper took note pointing out that it had the document from an authoritative source.


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