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Mother of Aldrovandi not guilty. She responded to attacks from Coisp secretary

The mother of the boy killed by police in 2005 in Ferrara had called the secretary of the police union a stalker

Patricia Moretti, the mother of Federico Aldrovandi, the eighteen year old boy died as a result of the arrest made by four police officers on 25 September 2005 in Ferrara, did not defame the national secretary of the police union Coisp, Franco Maccari. This was established by the judge for the preliminary investigations of the Court of Ferrara, Silvia Marini, who filed the defamation charges against the boy’s mother, accepting the proposal of the public prosecutor, Stefano Longhi.

According to the investigating judge, although she used a definition that is “potentially discriminatory”, Patrizia Moretti has exercised her right to criticize.

In August, the defense of Maccari was already opposed to the archiving, but the investigating judge found that the mother of the young man had been “subjected to attacks directed at her person and not expressed in the exercise of trade union criticism.” The words of the Federico’s mother are, according to the judge, a “defensive reaction of the person unjustly attacked”.

In an interview with the website Contropiano.org, on July 3, 2014 Moretti had called the secretary of the union “a stalker”, adding: “I think he’s a real moral torturer, who has never had scruples against my family. How can it be that such a person represents someone honest? Perhaps he represents people like him.”


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