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Not investigated asks for 600 thousand euro for His photos on Velletri Oggi

The request comes from the president of the waste disposal company following the publication. Defensive act. Sought the condemnation of the plaintiff for vexatious litigationSix hundred thousand Euros for damages. This is the figure that the lawyer Piero Guidaldi, president of Volsca Environment and Services (municipal company of the townships of Albano, Velletri and Lariano that deals with waste disposal) asked the editor and publisher of the weekly Velletri Oggi, Massimo Tosti, and the journalist Verdiana Paolucci, with a subpoena for damages, considering himself defamed by the publication of a photo accompanying an article, published on July 17, 2015, which reported a police search carried out at the headquarters of the company, as part of an investigation in which Guidaldi is not investigated.

For the same reason, on July 22, 2015, Guidaldi presented to the Court of Velletri a libel suit against the authors of the article, which were remanded. The first hearing has already been scheduled on February 24, 2016. According to Guidaldi, the reporters have harmed his reputation.

The amount requested by the president of Volsca environment and services to the weekly paper is broken down as follows: 500 thousand euros for moral, heritage and image damages and 100 thousand as compensation.


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