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Sardinia. Deputy Mayor of Bosa, gossip, article deleted

The online newspaper Bentos accused her of conflict of interest due to the involvement of her husband in a festival. She thinks of filing a lawsuit

Maura Cossu, deputy mayor of Bosa, a town in the province of Oristano (Sardinia), has announced a legal action against the online newspaper Bentos if it will not erase an article about a festival of short films supported by the city. The article suggests a conflict of interest because of the involvement of Cossu’s husband in the organization of the event.

“Following the article’s publishing – Maccioni explains to Ossigeno – we received an email from the deputy mayor who defined our description of the events as ‘artificial’ and ‘aimed at announcing events that never took place and that are certainly defamatory’.” In the same letter, the deputy mayor has invited the managing director, Gianluca Contini, and the author to the immediate withdrawal of the publication, while reserving the right to “act wherever appropriate to protect its rights.” The fact was reported in an article on the September 15 signed by the chief editor and author of the article, published on the occasion of the first six months of the newspaper.

THE REPLY – “I am in favor of press freedom at 360 degrees – the deputy mayor replied to Ossigeno – but in this case I think it is all based on gossip. Accusations were launched without citing specific facts and the mayor was contacted only for the second article. I’m considering – she concludes – whether to proceed with the lawsuit.”


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