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School ceiling collapses, Mayor prevents video shooting to journalist

Giuseppe Caruana of Sicilia TV was inside the school affected by the collapse of rubble. Solidarity from the Order of Journalists of Sicily

On October 9 Giuseppe Caruana from Sicilia TV was assaulted by Rosario Manganella, Mayor of Favara (in the province of Agrigento), while, along with his crew, was preparing to take pictures inside the Don Bosco School in Favara, in which a some time before a disabled student and a teacher had been injured by the collapse of rubble from the ceiling. To prevent the filming, the mayor hit the camera and has railed against the journalists, calling them “jackals”.

The Order of Journalists of Sicily has condemned the action of the mayor and gave solidarity to the colleagues. “The Order – a note reads – condemns this attitude in the strongest terms, evidently interested in preventing the journalists from performing their work with their documenting of events of great public importance, highlighting any liability by public officials.”


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