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Terni. Journalist Michele Inserra files complaint against threats from the ‘ndrangheta

The announcement was made on TV during the TV show KlausCondicio. Presented a parliamentary inquiry on the incident

The journalist Michael Inserra, senior editor of the daily Quotidiano del Sud and envoy for Storie Vere, aired on Rai 1, was threatened of death by a member of the ‘Ndrangheta from Reggio Calabria during an investigation in Terni, in Umbria.

The act of ntimidation dates back to March of 2015 but was announced only on October 13, 2015, during an interview within the program KlausCondicio by Klaus Davi. Inserra made a complaint and the investigation by the prosecutor of Terni are in progress. The case came before Parliament through a questioning raised by a MP of the Scelta Civica party, Adriana Galgano.

THE CASE – The reporter and crew were in the vicinity of the home of “a man belonging to a famous family of the ‘Ndrangheta from Reggio Calabria resident in that city”, the same Inserra, a journalist who has been taking care of inquiries that concern the gangs and who in the past had already suffered reprisals, recounted. The man complained of the presence of the television crew and has “invited”, with clear words and unambiguous gestures, the journalist and operators to go away. Inserra was not easily intimidated, resisted and completed the service.

“Unfortunately, you learn to live with the fear – he had commented to KlausCondicio – it is your inseparable traveling companion if you decide to work without omitting anything.”


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