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Threatening text message to Matteo Viviani announcing a bomb to the tv show “Le Iene”

Anonymous persons asked the envoy of the television program to “control the three vases at home”. Viviani: “They know exactly where I live.” Strengthened security measures

In the early hours of Sunday, September 27, 2015, shortly after midnight, Matteo Viviani, envoy of the television program Le Iene, aired on Italia 1, he received a text message of threats addressed to him and the entire staff. In the short text, sent from an unknown number, a bomb on live TV is announced. “You check the 3 pots at home. We will attack, the boss wants it”, the anonymous persons wrote directly addressing the envoy. Viviani has reported the matter to the Police in Milan on the same day. To Ossigeno he explained that “already appropriate corrective actions have been taken”, suggesting an intensification of security. Among the possible hypotheses, an investigation into seized goods by the Mafia.

The envoy of Le Iene had already received a text message threat on April 16, 2015 when, presumably from a phone booth in Caserta, unknown senders ordered him to suspend his work as an envoy. “The message – explained Viviani to the Observatory – is similar to that received six months ago. The difference is that this time they make a detailed reference to my house that is not visible from the road. So they know exactly where I live.”


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