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Threating words on air against Federica Angeli by a Casamonica

It happened on September 14, 2015 during the TV show Quinta Colonna (Fifth Column). “You have to do your job to the end”, “you have courage”. Many insults on social networks

Enrico Casamonica, family member who has done so much to discuss the mafia-style funeral organized in Rome in August 2015, addressed menacing expressions to the Repubblica journalist, Federica Angeli, who from 2013 has been living under police protection. It happened on Monday, September 14, live on television, during the episode of Quinta Colonna, a show hosted by the journalist Paolo Del Debbio, of which Casamonica and Angels were guests in the studio.

“You have to do your job until the end”, Enrico Casamonica said with an ambiguous expression that he did not want to clarify further to mitigate the intimidating meaning.

Federica Angeli underlined this attitude and said that surely she will continue to do her job as she has been doing to this today. “Well done, you are very courageous!” the Casamonica commented. The conductor asked him what he meant to say. “She grew up in Ostia, her family is there. It takes courage!” the Casamonica said.

During and after the broadcast on the social networks many comments have been posted containing insults against Federica Angeli. Against the perpetrators of those insults, on September 17, 2015, the reporter filed a complaint to the Police of Ostia.

The journalist lives under guard after death threats received by members of the Spada family, which is related to the Casamonica.


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