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Web. Police discovers and files complaint against two people for threats against Borrometi

Surprised while they were surfing on the Facebook profile edited by the journalist, they confessed. They have a “strong criminal caliber” the investigators say

A few days after the latest threats against the journalist from Modica (Ragusa province) Paolo Borrometi, on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 the State Police of Ragusa identified and filed a complaint against the authors of the posts that threatened of death the reporter on Facebook for the continued activities of investigation he carries out.

Surprised while they were surfing on the profile of the online newspaper laspia.it, of which Borrometi is chief editor, the two admitted to be the authors of the threats against the Sicilian chronicler

L.V. and L.R. (Police has given only the initials of their names) have been reported following the results of searches carried out following dispositions by the District Anti-Mafia Prosecutor of Catania, which searched their homes and some businesses. Investigators seized computers, hard disks and smartphones that would prove their responsibility. The police described the two men as people of “outstanding criminal caliber.”
The journalist is 32 years old and has been under police protection for more than a year. He has been investigating on the infiltration of the organized crime in Ragusa. Among other things, the exclusive news he published on Mafia infiltration in the local public administration anticipated the government’s decision to dissolve the city council of Scicli (always in the province of Ragusa) by decree.
From 2014 to today Borrometi suffered a physical assault and different acts of intimidation, with a crescendo in recent months, when theses have become ever more blatant, up to the explicit and signed death threats just a few days before the police operation. “You will die. Not even Jesus Christ will save you” a message appeared on the Facebook page of the portal laspia.it recited.
Investigators have dubbed the death threats to Borrometi a crime that is “even worse” for the fact that they had as a target a journalist, and because of his work.

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