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Anzio. In the city council insults to the journalist that reports indebted councillors

During a sitting, the president called “infamous” Giovanni Del Giaccio for a post on his blog. Solidarity from colleagues of Anzio-Nettuno

During the sitting of 5 November 2015, the journalist Giovanni Del Giaccio was insulted by the president of the City Council of Anzio, Sergio Borrelli, irritated by the publication of a blog post by the reporter. On October 20, in that post, Del Giaccio revealed that 15 city councilors were defaulters against the City for failure to pay the tax on waste and some fines. Journalists and bloggers have expressed solidarity with Del Giaccio, who commented: “This incident confirms the heavy atmosphere in which local reporters are forced to work.”

In the sitting of 5 November the debate was precisely on that story. And the president Borrelli, in his speech to the microphone (min 35), commented on a sentence of the post comparing the behavior of the journalist to that of an “infamous person”. Del Giaccio is the an reporter of the newspaper Il Messaggero in Latina and lives in the nearby area of Anzio-Nettuno, the stories of which he speaks about on his blog.


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