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Corriere della Calabria. Fugitive sends threat emails to two journalists

From Lebanon, Vincenzo Speziali, asked Alessia Candito and Paolo Pollichieni to publish offensive press releases against police and magistrates

From September 20 to October 10, 2015 Paolo Pollichieni and Alessia Candito, respectively managing director and editor of Il Corriere della Calabria, have received threatening emails sent by the fugitive Vincenzo Speziali, Calabrian entrepreneur involved in the judicial investigation Dell’Utri-Matacena. Speziali took refuge in Lebanon after an arrest warrant against him issued by the prosecutor of Reggio Calabria. From Lebanon he sent to the reporters a few press releases containing offensive statements against judges and members of the police, demanding the publication. The most worrying email contains a six-page text, sent to the chief editor, in which reference is made to Ms Candito. The newspaper sent the messages to the judiciary. The staff committee has condemned the behavior of other journalists.


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