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G8. Reporter beaten. 16 police officers must pay damages for 110 thousand euro

The amounts are due to the Ministry of Interior, which has already compensated Mark William Covell with 350 thousand euro. It was decided by the Court of Auditors of the Liguria Region

On 17 November 2015, the Court of Auditors of Liguria condemned sixteen police officers to pay compensation of 110 thousand euro to the Ministry of Interior. They are officers and commanders who, in 2001, during the G8 summit in Genoa, in the Diaz school in Genoa, were involved in various ways in the beating of a British journalist Mark William Covell. Two of them, who were in command, must pay 100 of the 110 thousand euro.

Compensation is due to loss of revenue to the Ministry of Interior, which has already paid compensation to the British journalist for a sum equal to 350 thousand euro. With this ruling, the Ministry recovers only a portion of that amount because some of those responsible have not been identified and therefore their share remains non claimable.

THE CASE – In the night between 21 and 22 July 2001, Covell was brutally beaten by police at the gates of the Diaz school and suffered severe injuries. He was also arrested, along with 92 other people, on charges (later proved unfounded) of criminal association aimed at the destruction and looting, aggravated resistance to a public officer, possession of offensive weapons and explosive devices.


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