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Latina. Relations with an arrested person. Senator threatens complaints

Ivan Eotvos, contributor to the newspaper Il Giornale di Latina, in the eye of the storm for a news article considered defamatory

The Democratic Senator Claudio Moscardelli announced a lawsuit for libel against Ivan Eotvos, contributor to the newspaper Il Giornale di Latina, for an article published on October 19, 2015 in which, he thinks, there are defamatory allegations about him.

The author of the article wrote that the judicial act with which the magistrates on 12 October have ordered the arrest of Natan Altomare (one of the businessmen jailed last October 12th as part of the judicial investigation “Don’t Touch “and subsequently released on October 30) refers to alleged political relationships that the employer would have tried to establish with the Democratic Party through the senator, considered a reference point for the Latina section of the party.

Eotvos sais to have simply reported what the investigator sclaim. On Facebook Moscardelli commented that it is “slanderous insinuations that will be the subject of legal action.”

The article by Eotvos was published on October 19 on page two of the Giornale di Latina. On October 14, similar information was reported by the same newspaper in an article by another journalist, titled “In the information note ends up also Moscardelli”, for which Moscardelli had already suggested a lawsuit.

Eotvos in turn wrote: “As for relations with the Democratic Party also Moscardelli flatly denies the claims found in report by the investigators, although it adds the announcement of a lawsuit.”

After the second article, the Senator Moscardelli said that “the subject of the lawsuit are the allegations of defamatory articles and posters, and not the so-called ‘device of the investigators'” and added: “I challenge Eotvos and the newspaper to produce the information note the claim to have a part of which they published.”

To explain the climate of intolerance in which a reporter does his job, Eotvos told Ossigeno that he constantly receives insults on Facebook for his articles. “They accused me of being an abusive because I have not yet been admitted to he order of journalists. And when I found elements that suggest to some anomalies in the entrepreneurial activity of Paolo Galante, one of the candidates to the Democratic Party’s primaries for the selection of the next aspiring mayor of Latina, and I tried to talk to him about it, I was accused of extortion and illegal wiretapping.”


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