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Molise. Dioxin alert. 4 people aquitted for press release

The journalists reported in 2011 by ARPA executive. The judges: lack of evidence. No trial for the authors of the text sent to newspapers

“Lack of evidence”. It took over four years, but in the end, in September 2015, the Court of Avellino acquitted with this wide formulation the four journalists of Molise Network, Primopiano Molise and Il Quotidiano del Molise, to trial for defamation. They were sued in May 2011 by the former director general of the Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA) of Molise, Luigi Petracca, for having published a press release of the “Mamme per la Salute” (“Moms for Health”) from Venafro (in the province of Isernia), launching a dioxin alert for the emissions of two industrial plants. Petracca had also sued the association, but the proceedings were closed.

The journalists Angelo Bucci, chief editor of Molise Network, Giulio Rocco and Marco Fusco, respectively chief editor and journalist of Il Quotidiano del Molise and the then chief editor of Primopiano Molise, Giuseppe Saluppo had been trial for four years.

In the note, Dioxina alert? Unfortunately yes, published by the association, there were the observations by Dr. Stefano Raccanelli on the data of dioxin emissions of two companies from Molise, Colacem and Energonut. Assessments that the same Raccanelli had defineed as preliminary, having had access to a very limited amount of information.


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