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Phone taps and threats. Fnsi collects signatures and launches mobilization

Among the first to sign, the constitutionalist Stefano Rodotà. Sit-in on Thursday in Rome before the Court where the Mafia Capitale trial will begin

“No to the new law that attempts to gag the press”: to raise the ‘information emergency’ alarm on November 3, 2015 there were the National Federation of the Italian Press, the unitary trade union of journalists, ready to mobilize against the enabling law entrusting the Renzi government with “the power to set the rules on the publication of phone taps” and against “the continued intimidation and threats against journalists, which from many a quarter endanger the freedom of information”.

Among the first signatories of the petition (you may subscribe online) there are: Stefano Rodotà, the journalists Marino Bisso and Arturo Di Corinto, and also, among others, Article 21, Arci, Anso, FNSI, Gruppo Abele, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Libera, Order of Journalists, MoveOn, Stampa Romana, UsigRai.

Among the proposals on the table, the need for coordination of international journalists at the European level against “the repeated and widespread attacks on democracy and freedom of information”, the first sit-in in Rome on Thursday before the court where the Mafia Capitale trial will begin and a committee of lawyers to be used for cases of vexatious litigation, to ask that is a compensation to those who have brought (and lost) a ‘preventive’ libel suit against journalists. (ANSA)


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