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Rome. Relatives of assassination victim attack reportes of Tg1 and Sky

“I’ll shoot you in the mouth, you b …” the families of victims shouted in front of the police, denying the drug motive

On October 27, 2015 two journalists were assaulted and insulted by the families of victims of a double murder committed in Ponte di Nona, in the outskirts of Rome the previous evening. The chroniclers of TG1 and Sky were together with their crews at the scene. In the presence of the police officers who were trying to hold them back, the family members have railed threateningly against them, demanding the cancellation of the footage taken and the retraction of the “drug” motive, followed by the police and made public by the television news in the previous hours.

Flavia Lorenzoni of the TG1 was hit with insults and threats, and spits in the face. Sexist insults were addressed to the Sky journalist. One of the relatives of the victims shouted: “I’ll shoot you in the mouth b …”. The Editorial Board of the TG1 and the Equal Opportunities Commission of the FNSI have expressed solidarity with the journalists.


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