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Terrorism. Reporter investigated for revelation of investigation secret

The charges by prosecutors in Torre Annunziata (Naples) concern also the chief editor of the newspaper Il Tempo.it for articles on Fatima, an Italian recruited by ISIS. Solidarity from Order and Union

On 12 November 2015, in connection with the publication, in January 2015, of three of his articles in the newspaper Il Tempo.it, the Prosecutor of Torre Annunziata (in the province of Naples) opened an investigation against the Neapolitan journalist Simone Di Meo for the crime of revealing and using documents covered by secrecy, an offense for which there is a prison term of up to three years.

The articles tell the story of Maria Giulia Sergio, an Italian native of Torre del Greco who converted to Islam since she joined the bloody cause of al-Bagdhadi and is now known as Fatima. The prosecutor accuses Di Meo to have acted in concert with an unidentified person who would have told him the news on the pending judicial investigation by the Milan prosecutors. For the same case, also the reporter Gian Marco Chiocci, chef editor of the newspaper Il Tempo, is being investigated accused of omitted due diligence.

Interviewed by Ossigeno, Di Meo commented: “A good journalist has a duty to reveal the secrets on facts of public interest”. The National Order of Journalists, the union of Journalists of Campania and many colleagues have declared solidarity.

In July 2015 Ossigeno has reported about threats made by Fatima agaisnt the newsroom of the newspaper Il Tempo following the publication of the articles by Di Meo.


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