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Web. Defends immigrants. Journalist threatened on facebook

“We hope that some of these will make you spend a nasty quarter of an hour” a man wrote to Simona Cangelosi. Solidarity from ASR

On October 13, 2015, the journalist Simona Cangelosi, a Sicilian freelance, who lives and works in Rome, published on her Facebook message an insulting and threatening message, stating to have just seen it, although it was sent at the end of September on her private mail by a user who signed with his own name. “We hope that some of these will make you spend a nasty quarter of an hour and see how good they are”, the man wrote on the social network.

The journalist has not submitted a formal complaint, but maintains that it would be an activist from a far-right group. In the days before RAI and the portal ItaliaPost had published some inquiries signed by Cangelosi on the reception of immigrants. The Press Association of Rome has expressed solidarity saying that “the acts of intimidation will not stop the work of colleagues at the borders.”

In the message of intimidation the reference to the many articles and reports in which the journalist spoke of the ordeal of immigrants is explicit.


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