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Rai. 4 months in prison to Minzolini for abuse of office

The former chief editor of the TG1 removed the journalist Tiziana Ferrario from leading the news reel of the public broadcaster

The former chief editor of the TG1 and current senator of Forza Italia Augusto Minzolini was sentenced in Rome to 4 months in prison for abuse of office. The story concerns the removal in 2010 from the eight o’clock news of the journalist Tiziana Ferrario. It was decided by the Fourth Chamber of the Court of the Capital.

Minzolini was accused by prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco of having demoted Ms Ferrario for about a year as a result of her findings on the impartiality of the same editor on the news given after the conclusion of the Mills trial.

According to the indictment, the removal of the journalist was the “result of a vendetta,” a fact that, for the prosecutor, sets up for the accused the crime of abuse of office in the light of the role of editor of the news service for a public broadcaster, which he covered at the time.

Recently, the Supreme Court has made a final conviction for embezzlement against Minzolini two and a half years later for having misused the credit card that had been provided by RAI for representation expenses. (ANSA).

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