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Reggio Calabria. Protection for “Corriere Calabria” reporter

Alessia Candito received serious threats by a ‘Ndrangheta henchman currently unavailable. The journalist had already received threatening emails from a fugitive

On 16 December 2015, the Police in Reggio Calabria ordered a night security detail for Alessia Candito, journalist for the Corriere della Calabria, threatened via email by a former repentant, currently unavailable, affected by the publication of a series of articles concerning him. “I am living this situation with embarrassment – the reporter told Ossigeno – I do not consider to be a heroine. I only did my job.” Many declarations of solidarity were given to the journalist from the political world. The Association of Journalists of Calabria has expressed to the Public Prosecutor of Reggio, Federico Cafiero de Raho, its concern for the matter. The Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation.

Candito, between September and October of 2015, had suffered from similar harassment. She was the addressee, along with her chief editor, Paolo Pollicheni, of threatening emails from the fugitive Vincenzo Speziali. However, police protection for the journalist was not arranged for those episodes but as a result of new messages of intimidation and other threats received after the publication of two articles in which she told of fights and damages that the scions of the clans of Reggio would have carried out in clubs of the city’s nightlife.

“We ask Alessia Candito to continue on this path, with the usual rigor and professionalism that has always characterized her work – said in a statement the mayor of Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe Falcomatà – The work of investigation of the free information is a fundamental pillar of democracy. It is important that the community defends those who, every day, with courage and passion, offer their services to the citizens for the search of the truth.”


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