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Seregno. Former Mayor wishes death to blogger? For Pm is “daily vocabulary”

With this reason the public prosecutor asks to file a complaint against Giacinto Mariani, former mayor of Seregno (Monza-Brianza) who for years has been colliding with 

Insult publicly the bloggers who criticize you, call them “animals, bandits, thieves and disgusting beings”, wish death to them and their publications is nothing more than “venting”, is part of “the everyday vocabulary but without involving real criminal connotations”, according to the prosecutor of the Court of Monza, who, with this reason, has asked to file the complaint by the blogger Michele Camillo Costa, founder of and contributor to the blog Infonodo that, in September 2015, denounced the former mayor Giacinto Mariani accusing him of having launched threats and insults. Costa has appealed the request to file the case by pointing out that these insults and threats come from a political leader who meets with his supporters in public.

Giacinto Mariani is the deputy mayor of Seregno (in the Monza-Brianza province). Before taking on this job, he was for eight years the mayor of the same City and has repeatedly sued the blog for libel. In the complaint, Costa pointed out that the reference to him and Infonodo was not explicit but unmistakable. For the prosecutor, on the other hand, Mariani’s target is undefined and not identifiable.

The incidents reported to the judiciary have occurred on May 11, 2015 in the presence of many witnesses, and on the following June 15, at a press conference immediately after the electoral victory of his party. On these occasions, Mariani wished death and called “animals, bandits, thieves and disgusting beings” the managers of one or more blogs which he defined as anonymous.

The prosecutor believes that on both occasions that of Mariani was simple “venting”, humanly understandable, in the first case “following a moment of anger” and in the second “also yielded by the (positive) outcome of local elections.” Especially after the elections, the words of the former mayor, according to the prosecutor, were not “accompanied by any criminal intent, as such phrases are now commonly used in the everyday vocabulary but without them implying a real criminal connotation”.

Ossigeno has already reported the incident of June, 15 and the fact that in the past Mariani had expressed his absolute disapproval of Infonodo.org through numerous libel suits made from 2010, 13 of which have already been archived.

According to the prosecutor the sentences spoken by Mariani after the elections, and recorded in a video of Seregno TV, refer to “unspecified parties”, because in a first moment, the mayor (then still in office) refers to an “anonymous website” and later generically to “anonymous websites”. Costa, however, disagrees. “The reference to Infonodo.org is explicit – he tells Ossigeno – and the Prosecution has not linked that those threats were related to me as an individual, furthermore present in the audience.” On other occasions the mayor Mariani, referring to Infonodo.org, described it as “anonymous”.

Costa commented: “The prosecutor underestimates an important aspect: these words come from a political leader, a public administrator who addresses an audience of supporters and militants, some of whom might feel entitled to use violence against me. The words of a mayor who speaks to his most ardent advocates weigh more than those of an ordinary citizen chatting at the bar with his friends”.


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