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Web. Threats to Biloslavo for articles on convert to Islam

He told exclusively that as concerns Luca Aleotti there are investigations underway and he sings praises of the Caliphate

The journalist from Trieste Fausto Biloslavo, 54 years old, who has experience as a war correspondent, reported to the Police constabulary in Trieste the publication on Facebook of intimidating messages against him from environments associated with Islamic extremists living in Italy. The news was given on December 8, 2015, from the newspaper Il Giornale. In the days before the journalist told exclusively the story of Luca Aleotti, an Italian convert to Islam, who on Facebook sang the praises of ISIS.

“I’m used to dealing with the risks to which one is exposed when telling what happens on the front lines in areas of crisis or war. It is unacceptable – Biloslavo told Ossigeno – that a journalist is singled out publicly as an enemy of Islam for simply having done his job as a reporter.”


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