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Abruzzo. Compensation request to a reporter and publisher. Protests

It is an act of intimidation, the comments of the Order of Journalists and the Union of Journalists. Adelina Lilli Mandara responds to an article of 2011 on Il Messaggero

The Director of the Regional Environmental Agency of the Abruzzo Region, Mario Amicone, won a lawsuit for libel against the newspaper Il Messaggero and the journalist Adelina Lilli Mandara, and formally asked only the journalist to pay compensation for 45,000 Euro established by the Court of Chieti. However, although Adelina Lilli Mandara has been convicted “jointly” with the chief editor and the publisher, holding them also responsible, the decision by Mr Amicone is considered punitive and intimidating against the reporter and has led to protests from the world of journalism.

“I do not dispute the decision, but – the journalist said, interviewed by Ossigeno – I point out the obvious: among the three convicted, I am the weakest subject.” The president of the Order of Journalists of Abruzzo, Stefano Pallotta, and the Journalist Union of Abruzzo (SGA) consider the decision by Mario Amicone an intimidating gesture.

The reporter was sentenced on October 20, 2015, along with Mario Orfeo, then chief editor of the newspaper, and the publisher, for an article from September 16, 2011 titled “Berlusconi promised me that place” (Berlusconi mi promise quel posto) published on Il Messaggero. The civil case was started in 2013.


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