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Bologna. Two public prosecutors withdraw complaints against politicians and journalists

We did not want to offend, the sued say following statements on the Corriere di Bologna. The magistrates took note that they did not have such an intention

The substitute prosecutors of Bologna Antonella Scandellari and Antonello Gustapane withdrew the complaints for libel against Claudio Mazzanti and Cathy La Torre, group leaders of the Democratic Party and SEL in the city council in Bologna, and the journalists of the Corriere di Bologna, which reported the statements by the two politicians. They did so recognizing that these people did not intend to offend. Mazzanti and La Torre had criticized the launch of a judicial inquiry into the actions of the mayor of Bologna, Virginio Merola, relative to the reconnection to the municipal water of two buildings occupied illegally.

The lawyer of the substitute prosecutors, while stressing that the terms used by the two politicians “appeared gratuitously offensive and subjectively defamatory of the professionalism of the judiciary” in the part where the inquiry activities were defined as “foolish, ridiculous and surreal”, took note of the recent statements by the accused released to the press, “with which they have stated that the expressions used had no offensive intention against the individual magistrates.”


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