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Citterio loses case but environmental activist surrenders before judgement

Two online newspapers from Parma resist and make it. Instead Giuliano Serioli leaves the trial, committing not to talk any more about the contested co-generator of S. Ilario

The web newspapers Parma Today and Parma Quotidiano will not have to delete the articles in which they reported the stance of the writer and environmentalist Giuliano Serioli and of the environmental organization “Rete Ambiente Parma”, of which he is spokesman, which reported the risk of pollution due to the electricity co-generator of Citterio located in Poggio Sant’Ilario (near Parma). A few days before the ruling, Serioli quit the trial by signing a commitment to delete the press releases from his blog and speak no more of the matter. Parma Today and Ossigeno have expressed solidarity and understanding for his decision to throw in the towel in the face of an unequal challenge, for which he risked losing all his belongings.

The darkening of the articles had been asked on November 6 by Citterio with an urgent appeal to the Civil Court. On 16 December 2015, the judge Antonella Iofreddi of the Civil Court of Parma declared the request unfounded, since the two newspapers, just like other means of information, limited themselves to properly report the contents of the press releases and the concern of the environmental organization, a position of public interest which among other things has attracted the attention of the Province of Parma. The court therefore ordered the company that produces sausages to pay 4700 Euros in legal fees incurred by the two newspapers.


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