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Diano Marina. After 4 years the mayor drops charges against two journalists

At the hearing on 15 October 2015 a court document showed what was written by PuntoImperia. Also withdrawn charges against the president of the port authority

Giacomo Chiappori, mayor of Diano Marina (in the province of Imperia), illegally occupied a berth in the harbor of the small township, just as they had written in 2012 the journalists Gian Piero Moretti and Franco Bianchi, chief editor and editor of the weekly Puntoimperia, and just as had been denounced by Francesco Zunino, at the time president of the port authority.

The mayor sued for libel both the journalists and Zunino. But on December 23 he admitted to the fact and dropped the charges. The turning point came after the hearing of 15 October 2015, during which a court document showed the illegal occupation of the berth and the initiation of proceedings against the mayor, ended with the payment of a free fine.

“The abuse of the mayor was announced by a national newspaper and then taken up by us of Puntoimperia, but the mayor sued only us,” Gian Piero Moretti told Ossigeno.

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