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Football. Pm calls on indictment for reporter and chief editor tg4

Mario Giordano and the journalist Giancarlo Padovan were sued in 2014 by the referee Nicola Rizzoli following some opinions expressed about him on TV

BOLOGNA, JANUARY 12th – The Prosecutor of Bologna has asked for the trial of the chief editor of the TG4, Mario Giordano, and the journalist Giancarlo Padovan, accusing them of defaming, during a television broadcast, Nicola Rizzoli, referee of the World Cup final, designated amongst the referees for Euro 2016.

Rizzoli, assisted by the lawyer Gabriele Bordoni, made a complaint after the program ‘Tiki Taka’, broadcast on Mediaset on 24 February 2014. The sentences that, for the prosecutor Giuseppe Di Giorgio, have hurt the reputation of the referee, are the comments to the Turin derby.

Giordano repeatedly accused the referee of “bad faith” for a penalty not awarded to the Turin club and to have been “intentionally wrong.” “It is not a mistake – he said – it is bad faith, he can not not have seen it (i.e. the penalty), if it’s there and he does not see it for me it is bad faith.”

Instead Padovan defined Rizzoli “a wee referee, he has always been a wee referee, a small referee, poor, modest, in awe of the powerful … in subjection of Juve.” A preliminary hearing is scheduled for early February. (ANSA)

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