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Lamezia Terme. Burnt down car of reporter of the Quotidiano del Sud

Pasqualino Rettura says: “I continue with my work.” Solidarity from Order of Journalists, FNSI, the world of politics and the press

In the night between January 5 and 6, in Lamezia Terme, unidentified persons set fire to the car of Pasqualino Rettura, journalist of the daily Quotdiano del Sud. To give notice of the act of intimidation was Rocco Valenti, chief editor of the newspaper, which on January 10, 2016 told the story in an article, stating that investigators believe it was an act of intimidation due to the profession and activity of the victim. The reporter received solidarity from the Order of Journalists of Calabria, the FNSI and the world of politics and the press.

“Rettura – the chief editor Rocco Valenti wrote – was heard by investigators of the Police about his professional activity, since hardly the act of intimidation can be framed within other contexts.”


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