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Ossona (milan). Blogger assaulted by former president pro loco

Ilaria Preti denounced the aggression and telephone threats she has been receiving for three weeks, since she had published an article on cronacaossona.it

Already on 11 December 2015, the blogger Ilaria Preti had been the victim of insults and threatening phone calls by Lanfranco Garavaglia, former president of pro loco (local services agency) “Morus Nigra” from Ossona (in the province of Milan), who, on 5 January 2016, in Ossona, changed tactics and assaulted her slapping her during the village festival, the Feast of the Epiphany.

The acts of intimidation began after Ilaria Preti, on December 10, 2015, posted on her blog cronacaossana.com, an article about building irregularities by the pro loco on a building granted by the city. On January 5, after the slapping, the police intervened.

On January 7, Ilaria Preti pressed charges at the Carabinieri station in Corbetta (in the province of Milan) on the aggression and also on the offensive and threatening phone calls.


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