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Racial Hatred. Radio Islam lists 28 jews deemed influential in italian media

The Prosecutor of Rome is investigating. Singled out journalists, writers, teachers, entrepreneurs. Jewish Communities, Order of Journalists and UsigRai protest

The Prosecutor in Rome has opened an investigation against unknown persons for threats and defamation, with the aggravating circumstance of racial hatred, following an initiative on 17 December 2015 that recalls the blacklists from the period when racial laws were passed, and has therefore aroused numerous indignant protests, which appeared on the website of Radio Islam Italia: a blacklist which contains the names of influential Jews in the Italian media system. There are twenty-eight among writers and journalists people included in the list entitled “Zionist influence in the Italian media.” On top of these, there were also the names of university professors and entrepreneurs of Jewish religion.

REACTIONS – For the President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, Renzo Gattegna “the blacklists recall a time not so long ago when being referred to as a Jew meant expulsion from school and work, and the step taken yesterday by the Prosecutor of Rome is an important one.”


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