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Reggio Calabria. Rejected request for millions to journalist from the Quotidiano del Sud

For the Court of Reggio Calabria, Caterina Tripodi has respected the right to report facts. Condemned a judge and a businessman to pay about 15.000 euro of expenses

The Civil Court of Reggio Calabria has acquitted of libel the journalist of the Quotidiano del Sud, Caterina Tripodi, and rejected the claim for damages for more than one million euros advanced against her by Giuseppe Viola, former President of the Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria, and Franco Scambia, sole director of the company Enneffe srl, condemning them to pay about 15 thousand euros to cover for the legal expenses.

The two had sued the reporter for an article published on October 13, 2012 on the Quotidiano della Calabria, which reported the results of the report on the dissolution of the city council of Reggio Calabria, drawn up by the Access Commission to the acts, but according to the investigating judge the journalist has legitimately availed herself of the freedom of the press.

“Too often the complaints and claims become handcuffs for reporters,” Tripodi commented to the portal Giornalisti Italia, which covered the story.

Mr Viola and Mr Scambia had also sued the chief editor and the publisher of the newspaper.


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