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Rome. Azerbaijan Embassy publishes black list of italian journalists

There are ten. They can not set foot in Azerbaijan as persona non grata. Those singled out are those going to the Nagorno Karabakh or defends its autonomy

Simone Benazzo, Stefano Bizzarri, Milena Gabanelli, Francesco Manca, Anna Mazzone, Roberto Quagli, Lapo Quagli, Giovanni Raia, Roberto Travan and Simone Zoppellaro are the ten Italian journalists entered by the embassy of Azerbaijan in Rome on a list of undesirables to which the Baku authorities prohibit the entry into the country. The list was published on the website of the Embassy of Azerbaijan. In the list of the Italian undesireables there are also sculptors, architects and employees of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

The Embassy explains that are considered persona non grata those “who have smuggled themselves into the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan” breaking the laws governing the entry and exit from the country and against whom it will “start subsequent legal proceedings”.

In particular, those considered unwelcome are those who go to the Nagorno Karabakh. Nagorno Karabakh is at the center of a dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia since 1988, when the local residents have asked to join Armenia. The diatribe broke out into a war, that, despite the cease-fire of 1994 and the proclamation of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh which is not recognized by any country, is silently enduring to this day.


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