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Sperlonga. Ten complaints from mayor to two journalists

The case of Federico Domenichelli and Graziella Di Mambro from the daily Latina Editoriale Oggi for articles on unauthorized building sites

Intrigued by a bill, posted on the municipal register of the City of Sperlonga (in the province of Latina), for the payment of ten thousand euro to a legal representative charged with the presentation of ten complaints-lawsuits for libel in the Court of Latina, Federico Domenichelli, journalist for Latina Editoriale Oggi, on December 7, 2015 found out to be himself the recipient of eight of the ten complaints, while the other two concern the journalist Graziella di Mambro, a colleague. They refer to articles that report incidents of illegal building sites in the small seaside town south of Rome.

The lawsuits are all of the acting mayor Francescoantonio Faiola. The articles were published between November 2014 and May 2015, some on Il Quotidiano di Latina, newspaper that ceased publication in January 2015, and in part on Latina Editoriale Oggi, for which both journalists work.

“I’ve always written in my articles the content of court proceedings, administrative records, surveys and council board queries already known to the City of Sperlonga, who never sent requests for correction or clarification” Domenichelli told Ossigeno.


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