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Taranto. “You are biased”. Journalist expelled from Democratic Party press conference

Luigi Abbate called the police and announces formal complaint. Order of Journalists of Puglia and Trade Union express solidarity

The journalist Luigi Abbate on Saturday, January 16, 2016, in Taranto, was turned away from a press conference of the Democratic Party in the province in which he theme was on the Stability Law and the measures of the Government for Taranto. The reporter reacted by calling the police. The Order of Journalists and the Press Association of Puglia protested defining the exclusion of the journalist from the press conference a “serious and unacceptable” act, and invited politicians to respect freedom of expression and expressed solidarity with the journalist.

The journalist appealed to the Order of Journalists and announced that he will turn to the competent legal courts. “The Hon. Pelillo and turned to me – he told his colleagues – with the following expressions: you’re not a journalist, you’re biased, get out of here.”

Congressman Michele Pelillo banned from attending the press conference both the reporter andsome activists of the 5 Star Movement’s Meetup, the news agency ANSA reports. In recent weeks, the same Pelillo, during another initiative of the Democratic Party, refused to answer questions posed persistently by Abbate.


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