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Vibo Valentia. Letter with bullet to two journalists and a lawyer

Threatened Francesco Mobilio (Quotidiano del Sud), Pietro Comito (LaC) and lawyer Marco Talarico. Investigations on the demolition of an abandoned building

VIBO VALENTIA, December 26 – An envelope with an intimidating sentence, a bullet and the title of an article from the daily Quotidiano del Sud. It is the message received on Christmas Eve by journalists Francesco Mobilio, chronicler of the Vibo Valentia office of the Quotidiano del Sud, and Pietro Comito, chief editor of LaC, and the lawyer from the bar of Vibo Marco Talarico.

About six years ago, the two journalists and the lawyer had received similar threats because of same topic: the so-called “Palace of Shame”, a building in the center of Vibo remained uninhabited for 24 years and that has become too dangerous and hazardous for public safety.


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