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Web. Puglia. Matteo Salvini arrives, activists insult a journalist

The victim was Roberta Lanzolla because she aired the opinion of those who criticized the visit of the leader of the Northern League in Santeramo in Colle (Bari). Solidarity from Order of Journalists

On 9 January 2016, Giovanni Riviello, provincial coordinator of the Movement “Noi con Salvini” insulted on Facebook the journalist Roberta Lanzolla who, a few hours earlier, on the portal santeramoweb.it, had written an article referring of the criticism of some citizens relative to the visit by the Northern League’s leader, Matteo S alvini, to Santeramo in Colle (in the province of Bari), announced for the upcoming January, 12th. The city coordinator of the political group of Salvini added: “I prefer to read the toilet paper that certain articles dyed ‘red'”. Moreover, Giovanni Riviello also asked the chief editor of santeramoweb.it to send another reporter to follow the visit of Salvini because Roberta was someone “not appreciated by the Movement.”

The Order of Journalists of Puglia and the President of the Region, Michele Emiliano have condemned the action and expressed their solidarity to Roberta Lanzolla, who was sent all the same by her newspaper to cover the event.


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