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Abruzzo. Pescara football club threaens complaints against Odg President

The club is resentful because Stefano Pallotta criticized the interruption of a television show due to commercial agreements

Following the condemnation by the Order of Journalists of Abruzzo for what happened on February 16, 2016, during TV show “A Tutto Campo”, aired on Tele Ponte, which had to stop the live coverage due to the presence of two journalists during an interview to the Pescara team coach, the club returns on the subject and “reserves the right to take legal action” for the statements by President of the Order of Journalists (ODG), Stefano Pallotta.

In a statement released by the press office, the football club said how it was displeased by Pallotta and, referring to the ODG statement on the incident, writes: “it has harmed the image of the company alleging crimes of censorship and, as such, to the same journalist of the press office.”

The ODG President of Abruzzo had defined the request for exclusion of the two journalists “a blatant form of discrimination and censorship that is totally incompatible with the principles of freedom of press and opinion.”


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