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Abruzzo. Two years to archive unfounded lawsuit against PrimaDaNoi

For the magistrate there is “lack of evidence”. The journalist Biancardi was accused of defamation for having reported public statements by the Regionial Governor

The judge for the preliminary investigations of the Court of Chieti decided to send the case to the archives “because there is lack of evidence of the crime” in the lawsuit for libel filed by Francesco Carli, President of the College of liquidators of Abruzzo Engineering, a listed company owned by the Abruzzo Region, by the the Provincial Administration and by the company Selex, against the journalist Alessandro Biancardi, chief editor of the online news website PrimaDaNoi. The decision was taken in June of 2014, but PrimaDaNoi has announced it just now.

The lawsuit was presented in January 2013 and referred to two articles published in November 2012. Biancardi had unearthed a legal dispute between Selex and the Abruzzo Region, recounting the squandering of public money that revolved around Abruzzo Engineering and reported some public statements by the regional governor, Giovanni Chiodi, who had spoken of a suspected fraud against the Region, organized by the two companies.

“I am amazed at the silence of the Region on this legal matter. I have been sued for reporting phrases which the regional president has said during an extraordinary public session of the regional council. From the same company, Abruzzo Engineering – Biancardi told Ossigeno – our newspaper has received other complaints, two of which have already been sent to the archives.”


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